The only reason for the City of Miami government to exist is to serve its residents.  The mission of the City must be to improve and maintain the quality of life of every person that lives within its boundaries.  It is imperative that the City provides a safe and clean environment that meets the needs all of the neighborhoods while respecting the integrity of each neighborhood.

In order to achieve its mission the City must align its budget to maintain and improve the following basic services:

  1. Public Safety (Police and Fire)
  2. Sanitation
  3. Public works (streets and sidewalks)
  4. Parks and recreation
  5. Other quality of live enhancement as needed by the neighborhood such as, traffic amelioration, beautification, etc.

To achieve its mission the city must maximize its resources. It must eliminate expenditures that are not aligned with its mission, and it must reduce its operating expenditures by implementing private sector best practice policies. I also propose an in depth analysis of expenditures and operating costs, as well as a cost benefit analysis of all projects, to eliminate unnecessary expenditures.

The City must engage in activities to increase revenues. As your commissioner, I will support and propose properly analyzed projects that bring revenues to the City to ease the property owners’ tax burden.

To recoup the trust of our residents I will propose regulations mandating transparency in all City of Miami contracts and business dealings.

As a candidate for the City of Miami Commission District 4, I am offering my experience and expertise as an economist, in public budgetary procedures and in public finances. I will use my knowledge of process improvement systems such as Six Sigma and Florida Sterling to eliminate waste and reduce cost. I am committed to work hard to transform the City of Miami Government into the effective, efficient and accountable government we all deserve.

Support Manolo Reyes for City of Miami Commissioner – District 4, we can make the difference!